Gay Foot Sock Fetish

Faced with a sexy guy what else can you do but worship his socked feet. So relax, drift into a hypnotic trance and hold his hot irresistible feet. Take their weight, then feel his toes, sole and heel before delivering a massage that will warm the cockles of his heart and set your nostrils alight with his male foot odour.
Will he enjoy your touch? Will your fingers tickle his pinkies and will all the gay fetish foot action make you both hot for more? You betcha!
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Duration: 16.30
File size: 7.56MB
Artist: Thomas
“Listen carefully and his socked feet will soon be in your gay hands.”
Feet fetish, foot fetish, sock fetish, gay, male, fag

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  • Wosley wrote:04/01/2013

    I’m just another gay guy who loves every aspects of male feet. This got my mind working overtime. :O)

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